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The reservation for a table is made only by phone, if you send us a reservation by e-mail, know that it will not be considered..

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This community of common called Community of communes of the region of Albert - and Acheux-en-Amienois in Bray-sur-Somme before the intervention of the decree dated October 29, 2004. The new name is a reminder that the territory of the Community is at the heart of the territory of the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

The territory of the Pays du Coquelicot gathers 62 communes from the townships of Albert, Acheux-en-Amienois and Bray-sur-Somme. It covers 488 km² and 28,249 inhabitants (2008), the area is predominantly rural (54 municipalities with fewer than 500 inhabitants), but over 40% of the population lives in Albert (only city in the Community communes which concentrates the majority of equipment and services).

With the railway line on the axis Amiens-Lille, one can identify a catchment area around Albert. However, from this point of view, the territory is not homogeneous, and the municipalities are divided between several living areas: Doullens, Amiens, Corbie and Bapaume. Country Poppy is attractive from a tourist point of view, particularly on the themes of memory and of nature.

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